Cornerstone Realty Specialists:
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About us

Founded in 1992 by Sonya Gusson, Cornerstone Realty Specialists is based on the simple principle:  the mission of a service company must indeed be service. The company quickly established itself as one of the most innovative real estate firms in Eastern Suburbs of Johannesburg. Cornerstone Realty Specialists also recognized the important role that a technologically sophisticated environment could play in the conduct of a service-based business in a rapidly evolving economy, globally. As a result, Cornerstone Realty Specialists became recognized as a leading firm that provides their clients and customers with real tools and resources to achieve brilliant results.

Sonya Gusson, a mainstay in the industry for over 26 years, excelled to great heights in her field thanks to her exceptional knowledge of the market, proven flair for successful deals, and strong relationships with clients and peers alike. Our unique approach ensures that our clients, customers and properties get the attention they deserve.

Sonya Gusson's illustrious real estate career has afforded her to also commit to many humanitarian projects of great interest and importance to the well being of our planet and the environment. Thus her holistic approach to life on all levels is highly sought after by her clients and peers

Our marketing strategy:

The Luxurious real estate market has changed. The buyers are different. The sellers are different. Today, it takes much more to reach and understand the modern buyer and seller. When it comes to the luxurious market, we assume nothing. Assumptions can be wrong and ineffective. Cornerstone Realty Specialists offers a real, well-informed strategy for connecting with buyers intelligently, and a straight-forward truthful approach.

We won't just tell you what you want to hear. We will give you our honest expert opinion on how to go to market competitively. Our approach is a more modern, active approach to luxury marketing based on sound strategies. One that responds to a transforming market and one that is more designed for efficiency and success. The path to a residence, cluster, and townhouse ownership can be byzantine at times; we are here to help.

Our Intentions

To put your best interests first.
To assist you in realizing and attaining your goals.

To treat you as you would like to be treated.
To focus on solutions, not problems.

To provide a high level of feedback and sales information.
To be accessible.

To make the process enjoyable as possible.
To create clients for life